HEDDA.IO – Who we are

We are a consulting company with well over 20 years of experience in various BI, CRM and other data-driven projects. No matter how large, how complex, what industry, how many employees, how many source systems the projects and/or companies had, we have learned one thing in all projects: the data quality never actually corresponds to what was expected, defined or agreed. That seems to be the nature of data.

In the various projects we have worked on many different data quality frameworks. Some were created with and at the customer, some we advanced internally and we have integrated various tools such as Microsoft Data Quality Services into our projects. In the end, however, we combined our many years of expertise and extensive knowledge of the Microsoft data platform and developed a complete cloud-native data quality solution that can be easily integrated into existing processes.

Our team, consisting of highly qualified data engineers, cloud engineers and .NET developers with a lot of project experience, is located in Königswinter at the foot of the Drachenfels and in the heart of the Rhineland. With great attention to detail and the appropriate expertise, we have made it our mission to develop one of the best Data Quality Solutions.